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CAR DENT POLAND & NICE CAR provide services to individuals customers, large companies and car dealerships mainly in southern Poland. Larger requests for repairs after hail damage are also implemented throughout Europe and United States.

Removing dents without painting is a cheap and effective method of repairing dents caused by:

  • hail stones
  • other car doors/parking dents
  • vandalism
  • shopping carts
  • falling chestnuts and winter ice falling from rooftops

Mode of carrying out a repair:

Service is done with the help of specially designed tools, with which we are able to reach and fix 97 % of your car body. What is usually done over a few days in a conventional method can be done within a day or less by our experienced techs.

Paintless Dent Removal is precise and is noninvasive for the car body and paint. It is almost impossible to be done by a person who is not properly trained. Only trained experts should undertake these repairs. Training consists of many aspects of car dent repairs from material science, through knowledge of tools, to intensive practical training. It takes up to 3 years to train a master technician and 10 years for an expert. Car Dent Poland has 19 years of experience in PDR.

What kind of dents can be repaired using the PDR:

  • Dents of car body in the diameter from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.
  • Dents not located around the edge of car body.
  • Dents that have not damaged, torn, or cracked the paint.
  • Dents not located on the plastic parts of the body.


Why is it worth using our services:

  • Because we save you time.
  • Because we save you money.
  • Because during the repair we do not interfere with the original car body paint and in this way reducing the cost of painting your car.
  • Because we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If the repair is not satisfactory you pay nothing.
  • Because the PDR method is 100% environment friendly.
  • And most important your car retains its value.